Friday, May 15, 2015

Nestle Inn Bed & Breakfast is Also For the Birds

Animal life abounds here at Nestle Inn, and everywhere you can possibly look it seems something is moving. From the farm animals to the wild birds the activity dismisses boredom (if there were such a thing here) in an instant.
Some of this activity include the Baltimore Orioles, who have multiplied over the last few years to the point of needing an additional jelly feeder. At least five pairs arrived May 5 and they brought huge appetites. The Red-Throated Hummingbirds are usually a day behind the Orioles and I've added an additional feeder for them as well.
This year it seems more Robins are nesting in the trees and under the eaves of buildings than in previous years. The open bidding on real estate went quick earlier this spring and all have settled in nicely. There are nests with bright blue eggs and some with pudgy, big-mouthed infants with bottomless pits for stomachs. The nesting period for Robins is short; from building the nest, incubating the eggs, and feeding the young in the nest, only four to five weeks will have passed. And once the young leave the nest the whole process will begin again.

Robin nest of four eggs (yellow shed)

Yellow shed nest

Robins under the eave of the butcher shed

Robin nest in Glory's shed in the hay feeder

Glory's hay feeder nest

Even though the Killdeer convention wasn't held in the west pasture this year, Glory and I have the honor of watching an active nest within twenty feet of my path going to Glory's shed. The female has quieted down to our presence to the point of her remaining on the nest as I come and go from the pasture.
Killdeer on the nest. Can you find her?

Killdeer nest of four eggs

As to the farm animals, the Chickenhood has a new mother with seven baby chicks, and all are doing fine. I'm looking forward to the day when the ol' biddy will lose her over-protectiveness and consider me a friend once again.

Biddy and chicks
Mrs Mike has been setting on a huge nest of Muscovy eggs for the past couple weeks. By the month of June there should be a line of fuzzy ducklings following her around the yard.

Mrs Mike on her nest

Mike Muscovy & Minnie

There are a wide variety of other birds as well, from the Bald Eagles and Crows to the small Chickadees and House Finch. All are doing something to add to the excitement.

Friday, February 20, 2015

A Poet

A poet is a nut, writing words of wisdom and humor.
A poet is a scholar, or is that a rumor?
A poet is a dreamer, and that's for real.
A poet is probably needing a good hot meal.
A poet will write all the songs that we sing,
will probably mention a few favorite things.

A poet makes time for the good things of life.
To see the sunset, to cancel the strife,
To gather no moss, to feel the rain,
To walk in the sun, to live not in vain,
To write it all down, the good and the worse,
Memories of life in the form of a verse.

- Becky Nichols Hill

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

On This Day - Rockwell

On this day February 3 in 1894 Norman Rockwell was born in New York, USA.

Boyhood Dreams by Norman Rockwell