Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Day

The first dim light of day seemed to take its precious, sweet time opening the curtain on yet another Act One of a new play. As if to say “the stage is set; I won’t be rushed”. The thick Fog took its role seriously and waltzed along the river in the distance making its way through the openings among the dark silhouettes of trees standing as sentries on the river banks.
Dampness played a large roll in this play as it lazily covered everything exposed to the clear, starry skies of the previous night. It didn’t have to worry about rushing its part for Wind was not commissioned in this particular first act, allowing Dampness to take its sweet time to linger on a stage set to enjoy the mere act of being. The small round beads of Dew perched precariously on the tips of grass blades adding a certain sparkle to the scene.
As the morning Sun proved to be the leading actor in this play, Fog slowly relinquished its roll by fading quietly in the background without ado. The stage, like royalty in all its splendor, continued to take shape with rich reds and glowing yellows of seasonal foliage as the rising Sun slowly cast a stronger light from the east.
But what is a leading actor without the supporting cast of characters? Thus, enter the creatures who will relish their roles as the play progresses. Rooster and his Hens have proven they can begin their day without the Sun, by crowing and scratching, looking for unsuspecting worms and bugs. The Peafowl, also, are off their roost long before Sun makes an entrance. But, as sunlight fills the land, these same creatures as well as Goats, Horse and Cats succumb to the splendor, lulled into a lazy, languid state by finding a bright spot of earth and absorbing the warmth as Sun recites its lines in an ever-changing original play of “A New Day“.