Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Green Room

Green Room
When I began decorating and preparing the bedrooms I wanted to give each one a unique name. I chose colors to do this which helped to give them character as well.

For the Green Room I chose a warm sage as a background color for the dark wood of the queen-size cannonball bed and other furnishings. I chose to give the room a masculine feel for those who prefer a less frilly environment. I made stencils from oak leaves found at my parent's home and stategically painted them on the ceiling and walls.

The sink stand is from half of an antique table I had been carting around with me whenever I moved. Now it has found a home and serves a more useful purpose.

I have included other furnishings that prove to be helpful for anyone who requires this room for extended periods of time. Such as an antique chest of drawers, a desk, and a place to hang clothing. A radio/cd player sits on some old wooden crates just waiting to be used.