When is a good time for you?
Whenever I ask my guests what time they would like breakfast, their response is the question above. Breakfast time is generally when the majority of guests feel like eating.

How far is the bed and breakfast from town?

Nestle Inn is located less than two miles from the center of Beaverton, Michigan. Gladwin is north of Beaverton about eight miles. Midland is approximately 25 miles southeast.

Is there a beach close by?

Yes. About two miles from Nestle Inn, Ross Lake Park is just north of Beaverton across the bridge on M-18.

How did we get a caboose here?

By means of two semi/flatbeds, a BIG Bierline crane and the crew of DeLisle Excavating.

How long have you been an innkeeper?

It took me a year and a half to get Nestle Inn up and running again. It's been in operation since July 2004.

Where is the best place to eat in town?

The Beaverton Tavern or the Family Diner.

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